Who are we ?



UniverScent is based in South of France, in Provence, between Switzerland, one of the top places for perfumery and the city of Grasse, worldwide capital of fragrances.

Our name can be split in two words: « universe » and « scent ».

The « S » of « SENSE » makes the connection. Our name sounds like « Universe of senses ».

It is the journey between these two territories that we have been making for more than 20 years.

This is the journey to which we invite our customers, who will seduce theirs, thanks to their olfactory signature.

The worlds in which we navigate are as rich and varied as hospitality, airline, Art gallery, car dealership, health, event industry in all its shades and stores in which you love to wander.

This expertise allows us to approach olfactory marketing from a 360° angle, to qualify customer experiences at 100%.



Our approach is focused on innovation, quality and eco-responsibility.

We develop products of excellence to improve the comfort of your customers. By using your visual and olfactory codes, we allow you to create a strong and lasting bond with them.

Our olfactory products form part of the « Made in France » virtuous circle.

We work closely with the best «Maîtres parfumeurs» originated from Grasse area.

At each step of the manufacturing process, we are engaged into a rigorous quality approach.

La Serviette®  range has been designed in our laboratories certified ISO Cosmetic 22716 and GMP. All of our formulas, in conformity with European cosmetics standard CE 1223/2009, are made from the best market ingredients.

Our olfactory diffusion products are made in our French factory, certified ISO 9001, and our fragrances, produced in France, in accordance with the standards established by the RIFM and IFRA.

We ensure full compliance with hygiene procedures and carry out, in parallel, continuous research and development work.

This is our commitment to maintain a maximum level of excellence.

Eco-responsibility, a priority and a strong commitment for UniverScent.

All our products are developed based on a reflexion on components biodegradability, possibility to recycle packaging and the fight against planned obsolescence.

La Serviette®, made of 100% biodegradable cotton, can be sorted and recycled or given a second life. Indeed, once washed, La Serviette® can be used as a hand towel.

La Lingette, like all our fragrance refill and our packaging, is fully recyclable.

Finally, our olfactory diffusers  work without any propellant gas or heat source.

Aware of environmental issues, we are constantly seeking to optimize the management and recycling of our packaging and to guarantee olfactory products with biodegradable components.