Olfactory signature creation

What is an olfactory signature?

An olfactory signature is a perfume, a fragrance, specifically designed for a company, a place, a product. It allows for immediate identification. This is why we also talk about « Olfactory Identity ».

For sensory marketing, this unique and particular “scent” will create the distinctive atmosphere of the place for which it was created.

Places have a soul, so do fragrances : creating an olfactory signature is an invitation to come and discover the soul of your company.

Why create your olfactory identity?

An olfactory identity strengthens the brand identity, making it easier for customers to identify.

In nature, perfumes are vectors of messages. They are used to attract, guide, sometimes repel pollinating insects or breeding partners. For sensory marketing, perfumes are a weapon of consumer seduction.

The message is subliminal, since it is the unconscious that largely governs our preferences and our olfactory memory.

An olfactory signature is the specific fragrance of your company. It will attract, retain, mark your customers, while allowing them to immediately associate a “scent” with your business.

Creating your own scent signature allows you to perfectly assert your brand image, to qualify and extend your customer’s experience.

How do we create your olfactory signature?

Your olfactory signature must perfectly match your identity: we must therefore associate the right fragrances, with the right balance to your company DNA.

So, Let’s start with some questions:

    • What are your company values?
    • What sensation do you want to convey to your customers?
    • What are your best (and worst) olfactory memories?

Now we need to find the mysterious elixir  which will translate your brand’s language into scents.

A fragrance that will suggest a positive emotion and will leave a lasting mark in your customer’s memories, making them associate their experience with you with an excellent memory.


We then become, “composers of scents” to achieve the perfect blend and the subtle mix, which will tell exactly who you are, what you do and how you do it.

This is why UniverScent partner with the best «Maîtres parfumeurs » and manufacturers in order to offer you a world-renowned expertise in terms of identity and olfactory atmosphere. 


your olfactory identity

Create your signature, thanks to our large range of scent note: strip our fragrances

All our fragrances are made 100% in accordance with international IFRA regulations and with raw materials that comply with registration obligations, dictated by REACH regulations. IFRA standards are based on safety assessments by the group of experts of the RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR FRAGRANCE MATERIALS (RIFM), and are applied by the IFRA scientific committee.

What are the different steps to create an olfactory signature?

To create a tailor-made perfume, we proceed in 5 steps, always adapted to your identity and your objectives :

Meeting and study of the place

Creation of specific fragrances

Presentation, selection phase and adjustments

Test in situation

Delivery of the exclusive fragrance