Sensory marketing

Welcome in a Universe where everything makes sense

Customer experience is at the heart of any marketing strategy. We want it to be exceptional because it satisfies and retains customers. We dream of it ideal because it will resonate for a long time, like an evocative echo. It must be original and qualitative, a perfect reflection of the values that we want to embody. It must make a lasting and attractive impression on people’s minds to make them want to start over.


Olfactory Memory

Welcome in a Universe where everything makes sense

The memory of a good moment, of an exquisite evening, of a soothing stay, of shop visit, remains engraved for a long time in our memories.

Its reminiscence is facilitated, if we can associate to it the memory of all our senses : the softness of a velvet, the taste of a madeleine, the colour of a bouquet, the smell of a perfume, warm bread or freshly cut grass.

You have just experienced it, when reading our last sentence : olfactory memory has a very powerful evocative power because it appeals to impressions and emotions.



Welcome to the world of olfactory marketing

Offering a unique sensory experience to your customers, allows you to claim your difference and the quality of your approach.

We are the French experts in sensory marketing : we allow you to offer or make available to your customers, qualitative hospitality products, made in France, delicate, innovative and original.

Setting up an olfactory atmosphere, thanks to a fragrance diffuser, allows you to associate a place with an odour. The memory of this place will only be more vivid in your customers minds.

A professional atmosphere brings well-being and serenity to offices, shops, reception halls and any other space welcoming public.


Olfactory Diffusion

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Olfactory signature

Welcome to YOUR world

You create your brand identity, using a logo, colours, evocative and inspiring words. Another strong marker for brand identity is olfactory signature.

To extend your customers experience, to allow you to absolutely assert your brand image, we assist you to create your olfactory signature.

It must match to your identity : it is therefore necessary to associate the right fragrances in a balanced way. This is our expertise, our know-how : create your professional perfume to make you exist olfactively.